Friday, October 16, 2009

memo to the drunk/high guy dancing

To: The drunk/high man dancing in the rain at the bus stop


RE: Dancing Drunk in the Street

I know the music coming out of the fish fry place was bumping, but outside, in the cold rain, with no umbrella is just not the place to be dancing, especially dancing like a toddler with ZERO rhythm.

I also wanted to comment on the fact that tumbling into the street with its moving cars and trucks could have gotten you very hurt, yet you kept dancing even as all of us transit riders gasped. I was worried for you dude. A good guy took you by your arm and helped you out of the street and you were clueless and still dancing. You were feeling good, huh, but you already had bandages on one side of your head, you don't want any more hurts. So, why not go home, turn up the radio and boogie your heart out there. Also everyone was laughing at you AND someone was video taping you on their Iphone so you will either wind up on You Tube or AFV.

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