Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Driving Permit Part 2

I went the social security department to get a new social security card. The service was quick and efficient. When you enter the waiting room there is a computer with large colorful buttons on a touch screen.
Lost Card/replacement
New Card Application

Two things though, in the waiting room the chairs were not facing the window where the customer service people helped folks. I guess they don't want to see the bored and anxious, annoyed faces of the patrons.
I had to really push myself to go. I had both girls and I was going to be on a long bus ride and then a significant walk in a strange neighborhood. It was a warm day and it was a very busy area, no trees. Zooming cars it was not made for walkers.
A hefty man with beautiful long locks helped me. He was quick.
We saw a work desk that went up and down instead of the chair.

We waited for the bus to take us back home in front of a BMW car sales lot. Finally the bus came after 15 minutes. In front of us, zipping zooming cars. Finally an accordion bus. We got on and the bus smelled like sulfur, like one of those stink bombs that kids would let off in the hall way at school. We sat down. I said Phew! The man next to me said- that's what hell smells like. Another man walked by and said-it smells like a perm. Folks acted normal to the smell that dissipated as the bus drove on.

My card came a week later.

I went back to DMV with new social security card, mail from the social security department, passport, mail from my bank.
A woman who yelled -NEXT helped me. She seemed almost happy to tell me I did not have enough identification. She said with the social security letter I needed the actual envelope too! I did not bring any bills! Why didn't I bring a bill. I really thought it was enough.
I searched my purse for something, nothing!
I was so upset!

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