Saturday, October 10, 2009


I took the crowded bus after work. It is filled with students and regular folks. I could walk the ten blocks but seriously after a full day of work it feels like twenty blocks. I get on and the bus is humid with the breath of many warm lungs. I hold on trying not to bump anyone or touch anyone though we are only centimeters apart.

A woman gets on the bus. She says,
-I have just had dialysis can I please have a seat.
The bus was silent. I heard crickets. No one got up. And then finally someone in the middle of the bus got up. We moved out of the way and the woman from dialysis started to file her nails with an emery board. She looked like a healthy woman. My heart broke a little bit.

I squeeze my way to the back of the bus and this in not one of those regular city buses. This is these new fangle double buses with an accordion in the middle. Sometimes when the bus gains speed the back of the bus sort of snaps a little out of control, like a roller coaster. The bus in the size of two buses. It is crowded in the but not sardine can. I find a seat behind the mohawk twins. Two middle school/early high school brown young men. One has a blue tinge in his mohawk and the other has a slight pink mohawk, diamondish studs in both of their ears. A girl with a Louis V head tie and maybe house slippers is on the phone. Huge group of folks at the bus stop they get on and still no one wants to move back. She finally moves back climbing the two steps to the top. She stands next to the twins seat. The mohawk twins are giving her the mean eye.
-I did say excuse me. She says loudly and with great attitude. To the twin on the right.
They both blink at her with attitude, teeth are sucked and cold eyes rolling.
She gets back on the phone.
I get off at another crowded bus stop.

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