Monday, October 27, 2014

Gimme some elbow room

Wtf yo, I was here first dude and here you come and put your whole entire arm on the elbow rest, leaning all up on me....I give him a look. Freaking oblivious or he's maybe not and he is like a dog marking his territory, *elbow rest mine!

I don't move my arm. He refuses to even look at me and then I notice his arm moves up a bit, now he is resting his arm on just part of the elbow rest and I am resting my arm on the other half....there you go, we are sharing...there is bus etiquette.

Club Bus
I made my way down the bus aisle, most of the seats were filled except for one seat near a woman who had her bag on the empty seat and was sitting almost sideways. I pointed to her bag and I still had to ask her to move it. She did move it, but sorta stayed sitting sideways? Cozy spot for me between her and a older gentleman who seemed apologetic for the woman being all spread out. I proceeded to read...great book about the habits of famous artists and writers. None seemed to ride buses, but a lot of them worked very early in the morning....I got a whiff of some crazy B.O. Looked around but couldn't find the source of the stinky. I noticed so many folks on their phones though.

The bus was relatively quiet in comparison to yesterday's bus ride where these young men stood in the middle of the back of the bus and rapped out LOUD a bunch of whack rap choruses from songs that I had no clue about....the whole front of the bus kept looking back and shaking their heads. The raps were horrible, one of the raps mentioning sex and a Chanel bag in one sentence.

One of the guys kept raising up an unbagged, huge bottle of vodka.They even challenged someone on the bus to a dance battle while the bus was in motion. 40 bucks was in the pot, but no one took the challenge.

After the loud crew left, there was just the murmur of 29 people all talking into their phones.