Monday, November 30, 2009

On the bus today

On the bus this morning I heard a man renewing his Xanax prescription.

I went to the ATM and waited behind a woman. she finished and walked away leaving her card in the machine.
When I went to the ATM and the machine was telling me to "return card" or "continue with another transaction" I pressed return card and called after the woman and told her she left her card. She came and got her card and just looked done. Did she even say thank you. She might have been super embarrassed. The woman waiting behind me acted like nothing odd just happened.

Coming home took so long. We waited half an hour for the bus! And yes it was "rush hour".

I saw my dream car (faded denim blue, old school VW bug) which made me happy.

Otherwise, it was a long, dreary rainy whiny wait. The freaking bus finally came. The annoyed driver told a wobbly, drunk man to wait as he tried to get out of the bus while we were getting on. He stood in the middle of the bus and yelled, "You want me to get out the backdoor! You want me to go out the backdoor, huh!" He started to get off at the back door and yelled, "You wanted me to get out at the backdoor right!"
The people on the bus were laughing at the man. I was glad I wasn't on the bus earlier because it seemed like he might have been entertaining the bus riders with drunk antics.

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  1. Never posted on someones blog before....but couldnt help but share. I too am amazed at the odd happenings on the street that seem to go unnoticed. When I first started riding the MTA I tried to stop the bus driver mistaking an addict for a heart attack victim. I mean the woman was just a droolin and noddin with a cup in hand I really thought something was wrong with her. As i got up to notify the driver he said Lexington Market and the woman who i thought was at deaths door jumped up out of her comma and got off the bus.